Colorado’s – Mental Illness–Not Improving

Can you imagine…

A happy, well adjusted teenager raised by a Mom and Dad very much involved in the development and growth of their child – walking into a School, with the intent of killing others, then killing themselves?

Of course not.

The point is…the underlying cause of these continuing Colorado Massacres…is the result of some form of Mental Illness on the part of these deranged killers.

– 1999 Colorado Columbine High School Massacre (Click Here)

– 2012 Colorado Aurora Movie Theater Shooting (Click Here)

– Last Friday’s (13DEC2013) Colorado High School shooting (Click Here)

– Think it can’t/doesn’t happen in Eagle County, Colorado?  Think again.

– 2009 Long time Vail Resident – Rossi Moreau – shot and killed a Carbondale man andRossi-Moreau wounded 3 others at the Sandbar Grill in West Vail (Click Here) .

Q.)  So what did our Colorado State Legislature do this year – to help prevent further attacks by the Mentally Deranged living in Colorado?

They passed additional Gun Control Laws in Colorado…

Do you reasonably believe that these Mentally ill gunmen actually “care” about ANY gun control laws?  This is evidence the ECT will suggest…of a different form of Mental Illness (ECT calls it:  lack of clear thinking) contracted and demonstrated by the democrat controlled Colorado State House and Senate along with the democrat in the Governors office that signed these new Bills into law.

The ECT’s Point…no real improvement in Public Safety in Colorado (nor anywhere else) can reasonably be expected until the issue of “Mental Illness” is addressed in our State and elsewhere in America.

New Laws…don’t cure, nor identify, Mental Illness.  Let’s all agree to start there…

One more Point:  Do you reasonably believe that you and your family and business will be “made more safe” by the proliferation and access to the mind altering drug THC found in Marijuana?

Why is more access to this drug even being discussed by our State and Eagle County’s elected officials?

It’s time to start thinking clearly folks.

Photo:  Vail’s Rossi Moreau at trial, found guilty on all Felony counts.  Photo Credit, Aspen Times.


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