2014 Colorado? Time to brush up on – Pot Law 101

by Clayton Moore

OK – it’s now January 2014.

What about smoking Pot here in Colorado?

Here’s two ways you can be Arrested for smoking Pot here in Colorado right after January 1st, 2014

1 – Smoking Pot in Public

2 – Smoking Pot on/in any Colorado Ski Resort that resides on Federal Land.

Side Note:  That’s the majority of Ski Resorts in Colorado…by the way…


A couple more points to be made about Marijuana consumption in Colorado – January 2014.

Colorado’s (now famous) voter approved Amendment 64 – includes language that makes consuming Marijuana IN PUBLIC, ILLEGAL.

Also – Amendment 64 “has no impact on Federal Laws that make Marijuana consumption illegal on Federal Property” (read: most Colorado Ski Resorts)


ECT Legal Tip:  You might want to think twice before lighting up that Joint on your next Ski Lift ride in Colorado…or just walking down the street smoking a Joint…

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