2014? Steaming Ahead in Gypsum, Colorado

by the fans of Sadi Carnot

These Laws – have NEVER been broken.

Barometric Pressure, Temperature, Relative Humidity nor Entropy – the Laws of Thermodynamics on display in Gypsum, Colorado – have never been broken.

From Gypsum’s west end or if you prefer the elevated land of Red Hill next to BLM land gives a unique vantage point to observe this local Atmospheric Trademark – the Gypsum Wallboard Plant.

(Photo – Friday, December 27th 2013)


If you look very closely (above) you can see the Steam rising from the new (wood-chip/beetle kill) electric power plant in Gypsum that is located just East of the Wallboard plant on our Eagle River.  The so called “dryers” generate the most Steam you see – from the non-stop production of Gypsum – Wallboard.

Just to the Right of this Photo is the Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) and a look (East Bound) of EGE’s Runway 25 or Runway 7 – depending on your direction at take off or landing.




2 responses

  1. While traveling through the Rocky Mountains on Rt I 70 I took a picture of what I believe is a power plant in Gypsum. Can anyone tell me if it looks familiar and if so, please name it for me. Thanks

    American Gypsum in Gypsum, Colorado

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