Junk Journalism – Fishwrap Style

by  Clayton Moore

What would you call it – when a so called ‘newspaper’ intentionally tries to mislead our Community?  Yes, our Community that they distribute their Fishwrap paper in!fishwrap

FACTOID:  On Saturday, December 28th 2013 the Fishwrap folks published a letter from an out of state (ski tourist mom) explaining why she disagreed with Colorado’s Pot Laws – and most importantly why she is now looking at being a new Ski Utah tourist as opposed to more skiing in Colorado (read: Vail).  (Click Here)

Every reasonable person knows Ms. Arakelian from (New York) is entitled to her opinion and entitled to “vote with her wallet and her feet” same as everyone else.

FACTOID:  Three days later on Monday, December 30th 2013 the Fishwrap’s headline insists visitors say they don’t have a problem with state’s recreational pot industry…”



Q.)  Has anyone read ANY letters to the Fishwrap’s editor – specifically stating that they are coming to ski in Colorado (with their family) because of Colorado’s new “pot friendly” laws?

Do you believe that a more “pot friendly” Colorado will improve Public Safety on our Roads and Ski Slopes?  Apparently Ms. Arakelian doesn’t and neither do the ECT folks.

The start of 2014?   Unquestionably more Junk Journalism is on tap from the obviously left leaning newspaper folks that infest our Community.

Seriously, just what is going to take to have these Fishwrap alleged, “journalists” wake up?  An unnecessary and unwanted Ski or Automobile accident that effects them or their family member directly?

This is about improving Public Safety in our Community, folks!


One response

  1. Pete,
    You need to get over your anti-pot agenda. The voters of Colorado have spoken overwhelmingly. It’s only a matter of time before the other states, and then the federal government, change laws accordingly.

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