Eagle County’s Public High Schools – Barely Making the Grade

According to the independent – ColoradoSchoolGrades.com – Eagle County’s Public High Schools are barely making the Grade….

They Rank Battle Mountain High School in Edwards 226th out of 333 Public High Schools in Colorado.  That’s the bottom third.  (Click on the Graphic below)


Now Consider…that the Eagle County Taxpayer pays some of the highest Property Taxes in Colorado…then why should the County’s newest and most expensive High School – be Ranked so poorly?

Interestingly – Eagle County’s other Public High School – Eagle Valley High School – is Ranked 176 out of 333 and also gets a “C” as their overall Grade.  (Click On the Graphic Below)


The ECT folks know that there are many hardworking folks at the Eagle County School District – it’s not their collective efforts that concern us – it’s their overall Job Performance…

So how does “this affect me?”  – I don’t have any of my kids in public High School!

Here’s How:  The president of the Eagle County School District – has announced she intends to run as the next Eagle County – Commissioner this November 2014!  (Click Here)

The ECT folks don’t know if Ms. McQueeney intends to run on her record as our Public School Board President – however the ECT intends to expose Ms. McQueeney’s (performance based) record on our EC School Board.

Anything else today?  Yes, the fact that Ms. McQueeney supported every single proposed Property Tax Increase that has appeared on your November Ballot during her term on the EC School Board.  The most recent proposed Property Tax increases – Failed during the last few election cycles.

More news about Ms. McQueeney’s record soon…


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