Avon – In case you missed it…

Congratulations to Avon on its upcoming pedestrian mall. Soon you’ll be able to park illegally at the library and sashay all the way from the lake-with-no-water to the out-of-Westin-No-Skier-Parkingbusiness Office Depot.  Along the way, you’ll see a vibrant timeshare community (free dinner!) and the famous “gondola to nowhere,” which was supposed to have parking but somehow didn’t.  With nowhere to park and not much to see, the odds are against this project’s success, as a critical mass of people would be necessary for it to work. Without a real draw, there’s no reason for them to hang out.  Bridge Street has Vail Mountain. Pearl Street has a huge college campus. Avon has an … insurance office?  I mean think about it — not even the Town Council members want to live in town!

Chris Mech


ECT:  There is an answer for Avon, however not with their current Town Council.  Avon has a chance at a nice pedestrian Mall, room for plenty of free parking to support it…but you see this Avon Town Council would rather SUE the land owner (Traer Creek) than develop the vacant land west of Avon’s Wal~Mart.  That years long litigation has cost the Avon Taxpayer ~$3Million in legal fees that has resulted in ZERO benefit to the Town.  Stupid is, as Stupid does.


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