The Fishwrap covering up for local Public Schools?

by  Clayton Moore


Last week’s story (Click Here) about the independent ranking of Eagle County Public Schools obviously ‘struck a nerve’ at our local Public School District.  The Fishwrap quickly ran a story “covering” for the poor performance of some our local Public Schools right after the ECT published our story on January 13th 2014.

FACTOID:  The recent School Rankings were done by the Independent “”

FACTOID:  The headline used by the Fishwrap in their story last week was “Three local Schools rank among the states best”.  (Click Here)

Obviously the Fishwrap didn’t want you to know that the 5th through 12th Grade – Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy (USSA) didn’t quite make ‘the cut’ to ‘the states best’.  Grades students accumulate in the 5th through 12th grades are reflected in College Entrance Exams and Admissions…now aren’t they?  There are several other Public Schools in our District that have average or below average scores as well…

Obviously this (miss direction?) was done on purpose by the Fishwrap.  Recall the Fishwrap accepts paid print advertising from our School District.  Click on the graphic below.


Bottom Line:  Eagle County’s Public Schools have a lot of room for improvement.  The School District’s new Superintendent (Dr. Jason Glass) has his work cut out for him.  The ECT believes we should all “give the man a chance” to make the required changes that will improve overall Public School education in Eagle County.  So we shall give Dr. Glass his chance.

Of Note:  The ECT does not trust our elected Public School Board.


Because for too long (years actually) the Board accepted the weak job performance of Dr. Glass’s predecessor Dr. Sandra Smyser.  The ECT believes Dr. Smyser’s #1 job skill was managing her personal relationship with the School Board that was paying her almost $200k/year for (Average – on a good day) Public School performance.  This also helps to explain the performance problems today now facing Dr. Glass.

The ECT feels compelled again – to remind local voters and parents – that the current President of our School Board has announced that she intends to run for elected Eagle County Commissioner – this November 2014.  More on this topic soon.


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