EPA – Targets Vail and the $urrounding Area

by  Clayton Moore

Vail Homeowners:  The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t believe you are paying enough for the water that comes into your home.

Vail?  Yes, and the surrounding areas (Eagle Vail, Avon, Beaver Creek, Arrowhead, Cordillera, Wolcott et al – Click Here) included in the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District.  (Click On) the graphic below to read the entire ERW&SD letter.


Why has the EPA “targeted” Vail?

Has anyone heard of any other Water Districts in Colorado currently being targeted by the EPA?

The cost of these new water Regulations to homeowners in the District?  ~$25 Million.

Why are the Elected Board members of our ERW&SD approaching (read: new ballot question for $25 Million) the homeowners in the District, instead of our State and Federal elected officials – in an effort to maintain the clean water standards they’ve conformed with for years?

What’s to stop the EPA (or another Government Agency) from issuing new/additional Regulations (next year?) that will increase the cost of water into our homes, even further?  Incredibly the “solution” proposed by your elected Water District Board – is to ask Voters…to “de-Bruce”  there by removing the protections of TABOR and allowing the elected District leadership to raise your monthly Water Bill by whatever amount – they see fit – forever into the future!!


Vail and the rest of the Water District is inside Colorado’s Congressional District 2.  Our elected Representative is Jared Polis (D).   Does Representative Polis know/care about what the EPA is doing to voters in his district?  What has Rep. Polis been working on lately?Polis-Doing-Nothing

Where (who?) is the oversight at the EPA?  By what U.S. Constitutional Authority does the EPA have just issuing any Regulations they feel like?  Answer:  None.

What can a reasonable Homeowner in this Water District, DO?

Contact the Water District at 970.476.7480 – and tell them you 100% DISAGREE with their proposed “financial solution” on the grounds that there is ZERO future protection against any new government Regulations/Agency that could skyrocket the cost of Water and Sewer services for your home in the years to come.  It’s obviously time to get elected Congressional representatives involved. 



2 responses

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  2. If the Vail crap is bad it is up to the taxpayers in the district to pay for the remedy, not the State or Federal government. Those are my tax dollars also and I oppose paying to take care of Vail’s crap.

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