Led Gardner – gets the attention of the Fishwrap


UPDATE:  Early AM, Monday, 10FEB2014 – The next Edition of the ECT goes to our Edit team…Sunday evening.  Early subscribers of the ECT get notified of the new Articles then as well.  It would appear…the Fishwrap folks got wind of this new Article…and updated their Monday (10FEB) edition to include Led’s story….in their print edition.  So noted by the ECT.

Just exactly how – did Real Estate Pro – Led Gardner get the attention of the Fishwrap?

Answer:  He started talking to them about their (Real Estate based) Paid Print Advertising dollars.  Just (Click on) the graphic below to read their full story.

Now for the (mildly interesting?) part of this story…


After some serious looking the ECT folks were unable (to date – 9FEB2014) to find this Fishwrap story IN PRINT at the Fishwrap…

In Print?  No.  Obviously this story was posted online…but never actually Printed.

ECT Point:  This is not about (Pot Use – good vs. bad).  This is about how the legalization of Colorado Marijuana is affecting Eagle County Real Estate sales.  In particular, High-End Real Estate sales that pay the most expensive Paid Print Color Advertising – sold at the Fishwrap.

Is the obvious “Pro-Pot” stance taken repeatedly in Print by the Fishwrap folks coming back to haunt their ability to sell over priced Real Estate Ads?

Answer:  Yes, in at least some cases.  To what extent in the large scale…no one knows for sure.

What about Eagle County’s Real Estate Property values in General?

Well…consider the point of view of an informed Real Estate investor (high end or otherwise) looking at where Eagle County is today…and where local Property Values might be headed tomorrow.

– More Pot Shops?

-The Highest Health Premiums in the U.S.? (Click Here)

– A local Water District Board that wants a Ballot Issue voted on – that will allow them to charge whatever they want at any time in the future? (Click Here)


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