Train Wreck Ahead – Eagle County’s Property Values

The Fishwrap refuses to tell you – however the ECT folks will.

When the ECT folks look at the major forces today (2014) affecting Eagle County Colorado’s Property Values…we get very uncomfortable…and the ECT knows other folks paying attention share much of our discomfort as well.

What Market Forces?

When an Investor considers Real Estate – it is reasonable to believe he/she is expecting some sort of return (over the years) on their Property investment vs. investing outside Eagle County.

1 – Eagle County’s Cost of Living increases are skyrocketing compared to (no) real increases in personal salaries nor job benefits.  Click on the graphic below to read the entire story from the Denver Post from Sunday, February 9th 2014.


What happens to Eagle County’s (down valley?) property values if a family no longer qualifies for a Home Mortgage – due to that families out of control monthly Health Insurance costs?

2 – The ECT’s top story this week – proves the local Water Board’s “solution” to improving things here in Eagle County is to (essentially) give their Water District a “blank check” for any future increases in Water/Sewer rates – to meet the financial requirements of additional government (EPA in this case) regulations.

3 – Vail.  Savvy investors know that the Town of Vail Government knowingly and deliberately ignored the legal Protective Covenants – as they applied to the Vail Golf Course and willingly (by their recent construction action) reduced the Property Values of some homes along the 18th fairway of the Vail Golf course.  (Click Here)

Vail Mayor – Andy Daly – whose Private Property in Vail is next in line for this kind of treatment?

4 – How is the proliferation of Pot in Colorado (sans: Eagle County) improving the value of your home?  Seen any reduction in your grocery or gasoline bills recently?

For the Record:  The ECT folks are not “gloom and doom” folks.  We are however, realistic and are very concerned about our Community’s future based on Eagle County’s TRAJECTORY today.


If you are a Real Estate or Mortgage Professional…or know someone who is…tell them it’s time to get off the sidelines – and into the game.  Their ability to provide for their family today and in the future…is what is at stake today.


3 responses

  1. I’m still not insured cuz I’m not sure how I’m suppose to pay for it when I don’t make enough to pay all the bills. Why are the insurance rates so much higher here? It’s been explained but it just doesn’t make sense since so many employees here live pay check to pay check – barely.

    • Excellent questions, Ms. Beth. Another good questions is…why is your elected U.S. House of Representatives – Congressman Jared Polis (D) more concerned with your access to a “mind altering drug” than your personal access to reasonably priced Health Care in Eagle County, Colorado?
      Now that is an interesting question now isn’t it?

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