Competition for the Vail Hospital?

by  Clayton Moore

If the “Mountain Family Health Centers” coming to Eagle County – constitutes (some?) competition for the medical service prices demanded at the Vail Hospital – the ECT is all for it – and are happy to provide some “free press” for the new MFHC to go with it.

ECT folks have NO ISSUES with the amount and quality of the Health Care Services provided by the team at the Vail Hospital (a.k.a. Vail Valley Medical Center).

It’s their COSTS for that excellent medical service that alarms us.  (Click Here).

It is unlikely that MFHC will be able to provide any of the major Surgery services (at least initially) that VVMC provides our Community – however for (routine?) family medical services – any competition in Eagle County, Colorado is a welcome event as far as the ECT is concerned.


The ECT and we’re sure others will be interested to hear what the leadership team at the VVMC is doing to help control Healthcare costs in our Community this coming week.



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