No Sense of Humor?

by  Clayton Moore


The folks who control the Facebook page over at the Eagle County Democrats – don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor these days.

On Valentine’s Day 2014 the ECT folks posted on Facebook (7:30AM) the online Valentine’s Day 2014 card we received from the White House.

Strangely – the card we posted there was removed from the EC Dems Facebook page by 8:00AM the same day!

Wow!  That White House sure can move fast with those Executive Orders – when they want to!


Part II – Bipartisan Political Promotions

Turns out our local competing Political Party’s have important Dates –you may need to know about – Including both their respective Caucuses and County Assembly meetings that will choose their County Commissioner Candidates and determine what (if any?) local Primary Elections are need.

Time to mark your March 2014 Calendars – for more information

(Click Here) for information from the EC Democrats

(Click Here) for information from the EC GOP



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