School Vouchers & EC Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass

by  Clayton Moore

Our EC Superintendent’s case for – School Vouchers?

In that context Eagle County Public School Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass has some recent written comments worthy of special attention.

For those concerned the ECT may have taken Dr. Glass’s comments “out of context” (Click Here) to read Dr. Glass’s entire column.

Superintendent-Dr-Jason-Glass-makes-the-case-for-School-VouchersDr. Glass’s frustration with Colorado’s current legislative process for allocating ~$1 Billion in Public School Funding – comes across as crystal clear as his personal name sake.  The ECT folks are 100% in agreement with Dr. Glass’s assessment and the ECT will strengthen Dr. Glass’s argument by insisting that what is really needed – is a completely new legislative process in Colorado (other States are doing this now) called School Vouchers!

School choice (read: market based competition) as driven by the Parents of all our Students – instead of today’s failing process of State Legislature with Public School Administration is what needs to change.  Our current Public School method of funded/unfunded mandates, testing by CSAP/TSAP (or whatever is in vogue this school year) is a process that is failing our Students and frustrating too many of our Teachers.  ECT agrees Dr. Glass on this point.

It’s time to put the folks who have the most personal interest in their child’s Education – the Parents – back in charge.

The ECT will acknowledge that School Voucher programs are not 100% perfect – however we continue to believe (as demonstrated in other States today) that putting Parents in charge with School Vouchers and market based competition between neighboring Schools will be a big improvement over what Colorado has today.

Where Dr. Glass and the ECT disagree – is Dr. Glass’s request for more local School District control vs. the ECT’s desire to put our Parents in control as much as possible.

ECT also wants Dr. Glass’s State funding to be driven by the number of Students desiring entrance to his managed School vs. the other neighborhood school Dr. Glass must compete against.  To date, Dr. Glass has not demonstrated ANY desire to compete for your family’s education dollars.  A point the ECT believes should be made to all Parents working in their own competitive job market.

Consider Dr. Glass – that when our Students graduate – they will enter a competitive market place in business – a lesson about Competition that the ECT believes should be taught and made in the Classroom – as well as on the Sports playing field whether here in Eagle County or the “world-class” competition happening in Sochi today.


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