EC School District – Not in compliance

Not in Compliance with what Law?

Colorado’s Open Records Request Law – (CORA)

What does Colorado’s Law say?

Answer: “Anyone can Request information that is in the possession of our Office”

Just (Click On) the graphic below to go to the web page (it’s easier to read) with it’s information.


What information did the ECT request from the Eagle County Public School District?

Answer:  Information/Explanation of why our most recent Public School Mill Levy had dropped by a full point.  See below.


So what’s the problem?

Answer:  The so called “Director of Communications” for the EC School District a Mr. Dan Dougherty – doesn’t like the fact the email that was sent came from the general Email account “


Cartoon?  What is Mr. Dougherty talking about?

Turns out – the Staff Email inbox is a general ECT email account used by more than one person, Dan.

Further Dan, Colorado statute only speaks to “how” the polite/timely/professional CORA request shall be made – the law does not speak to “who” is making that request.

A Staff email account with a reasonable request – is all that is legally required.

Hence Mr. Dougherty your position (as stated above) is not legally defensible.

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