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Colorado’s Public Schools – From around the State

Last week (Click Here) the ECT made the case for a Colorado State wide – School Voucher Program – similar to what Indiana and Louisiana have in place today.  The ECT would also like to thank Eagle County Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass for his comments on Colorado’s failing (legislative process) for funding of Public Schools in Colorado.

If you are a parent or know a parent that chooses not to send their kids to Colorado’s Public Schools….the ECT would like to share this information from last week.

From and the Associated Press – Just (Click on) the graphic to read the online story.


Meanwhile – back in Summit County (Silverthorne actually)…a person by the name of Tanya Kanning…wrote a letter “Summit County parents should consider neighborhood schools”  (Click Here) to read the entire letter.  Ms. Kanning’s plea was a plea asking Parents to send their children to the local Public Schools…as opposed to the alternatives.Tanya-Kanning

Of course for all the reasons Ms. Kanning’s letter suggested – nowhere – did Ms. Kanning’s letter disclose the fact that she is employed by the Public School District in Summit County/Silverthorn…

Imagine that.  Is it possible that Ms. Kanning might be concerned that low enrollment at her Public High School – could affect her teaching job?  You decide.  Click on the graphic below to visit Ms. Kanning’s home page – at Snowy Peaks – Summit County’s newest Public High School.


Finally for all the Teachers and Teachers Unions that vote for Democrats the ECT would like to point out that the current President and his wife DON’T send their two daughters to Public Schools in Washington, D.C.  They choose instead to send their kids to Private School – Sidwell Friends School (to be precise), where the Obama kids are kept safe by 11 Security Guards – all carrying Guns  (Click Here)


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