EC Commissioner Candidate – Pat Hammon

by  Clayton Moore

Pat-HammonPat Hammon is a Candidate for your next Eagle County Commissioner.  In the next couple of weeks – we’ll know if Pat will also be in a Primary Race – before the general election this November 2014.

Ms. Hammon pro-actively contacted the ECT folks to schedule an interview – which the ECT held last week.  Here is our Report.

Background:  Ms. Hammon served her Country in Vietnam as a Nurse in the Military.  Ms. Hammon remains active with the local VFW (Minturn Post 10721) as well.  Also today, Ms. Hammon teaches a “Certified Nurses Aid” class at CMC/Edwards.

On Public Service:  Ms. Hammon has served on Eagle County’s Planning Commission (as the Chairperson) for years – and will be Resigning that appointed position this Wednesday, March 5th 2014 – in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety – while she is campaigning for your next Eagle County Commissioner.

ECT:  What is Governments #1 Job?

Ms. Hammon:  Public Safety.  Everything we want and do and be involved in inside Eagle County is predicated on Public Safety first.  Ms. Hammon raised her concerns on the topic of Marijuana use in Eagle County (Medical & Recreational) and stated she believed the Recreational use of Marijuana needs to be heavily Regulated – because of the risk it could have on reducing Public Safety.  As a Registered Nurse Ms. Hammon said she has personally seen it (Medical use) help local patients receiving treatment for conditions including Glaucoma.

On Education:  Ms. Hammon believes the Colorado Mountain College campus in Edwards (where she teaches) should be developed into a much larger Educational site/General Campus to extended the Educational opportunities (and Degrees) beyond what is offered today.

On Senior Healthcare:  Ms Hammon was quite emphatic on supporting the County’s “Castle Peak Senior Care Center” – where not only Seniors can receive Healthcare/Assisted Living – folks also needing Medical Rehab (traditionally found in Nursing Homes) can find it there too.  Ms. Hammon mentioned too many Eagle County families today – have to go to (example) Denver and/or Carbondale to receive the care that she believes should also be offered in Eagle County today.

On Eagle County Job Creation:   Ms. Hammon believes there are opportunities to attract new companies (read: Jobs) to Eagle County – based on our County’s active, outdoor, year-round athletic life style pursued by the folks who live here.  Companies that specialize in making products – for that active lifestyle (examples – North Face, Cabelas, Under Armour, Timberland) she believes could be enticed to move some of their operations into Eagle County – our Airport mentioned as an additional selling point to those companies.

On improving Communication:  Ms. Hammon committed to the ECT that she would (when elected) include on the County’s Web Site a new:  “Ask the Commissioners” section where working folks (unable to attend the afternoon meetings) could submit reasonable and timely online questions – where the Questions and Answers could be read at B0CC meetings and also posted online.  ECT says…Good.

Ms. Hammond also mentioned that her Campaign’s most immediate task is to get local folks (registered Democrats) signed up “as delegates” this Tuesday, March 4th at 7PM (Click Here) at their County Caucus.

From there the new Delegates will then be able to Vote at the County Assembly – 22MAR2014) (Click Here) where their political party  –  will determine if a Primary Election is required – or if one Candidate can amass enough votes at the Assembly to be declared the Party’s choice for Eagle County Commissioner in District 3 – to replace term limited Commissioner – Sara Fisher in January 2015.

For more information and to contact Ms. Pat Hammon –

Patricia Hammon, RN

Candidate:  From District 3 – for Eagle County Commissioner

P.O.BOX 2095, EAGLE, CO. 81631

C   970.390.4686



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    • Knowing Art…We’d say…Art would probably want to know who was running against her, first.
      That said…Art would make his own decision. On a personal level we believe Art would like her.

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