From the Street

Rumors, Innuendos and Abject Speculation…this week.

magustosbMinturn, CO.  Magustos is the first restaurant you see as soon as you drive into Minturn on Rte. 6 from I-70.  The Tip?  If you think you’ve had (one too many?) for the road – order a nice Magustos Pizza for delivery to your home and Magustos will give you a safe ride along with their Pizza delivery man.  Nice folks.  Great Public Service.  They’re even open till 2AM for the folks who get off work a bit later.  It’s true, not a rumor.  Magustos  W 827.5450

Cordillera Golf Club – unconfirmed recent reports suggest that the total number of Golf Club members (2014) did not hit the “break-even” number for this coming season.  CGC members where encouraged to sign up by the end of January, 2014.  Also unconfirmed – CGC owner (David Wilhelm) had a (financial white knight? – Dr. Jeffery L. Rush? ) that paid in – to make up the difference to the financial break even point t0 open and manage their (3) Cordillera Golf Courses…The Cordillera Golf Courses are today managed by Troon Golf and reports are – the remaining CGC members are very satisfied with the excellent operations work Troon Golf is currently providing…

He’s Back?  Let’s hope not.  Unconfirmed reports from the local Democrats about their Caucus scheduled for this coming Tuesday, March 4th 2014.  Specifically that Arn (the political menace) Menconi is working hard to influence the outcome (read: electors) from their Caucus – headed into their County Assembly.  It’s the delegates chosen at their Caucus – that get to vote (at their Assembly – 2 weeks later).  The votes counted at the Assembly – will determine if a Primary Race is needed for the Democrats choice for County Commissioner from District 3.  Who might Arn’s favorite choice be for County Commissioner?  Well for today – let’s just say it’s the – shortest Candidate…or should the ECT be more Politically Correct (since were speaking of Democrats) and perhaps, instead describe her as “the least tall” of our Commissioner Candidates?

Avon – now that Avon Elementary School Principal Melisa Rewold-Thuon has announced she’s leaving the Eagle County School District to be (now) working as the Vail Valley Foundations new “Vice President of Education” more questions than answers remain.  A glass ceiling for School Principal’s at the District?  Family Healthcare Insurance benefits better at the Vail Valley Foundation – than at the School District?  Ms. Melisa was awarded/recognized nationally for her amazing work and dedication at Avon Elementary.  Very curious things (happening?  not happening?) at our Public School District these days…or so it would seem.


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