Transparency at the EC School District?

by  Clayton Moore

Follow-up from last weeks report on the ECT’s “open records request” to our Eagle County School District.

(Click Here) for last week’s very well documented report.

The ECT folks proved that our Eagle County School District – was NOT in compliance with Colorado’s CORA – (Colorado Open Records Act)

So what did the EC District do – when faced with this fact?

Answer:  They never formally contacted the ECT (with their answer) after the ECT submitted our request, HOWEVER the District did reply to the ECT’s reasonable Tax question – on their District’s web site.  (Click On below) to go to the District’s web site to read their entire answer.

Open And Transparent Governance at our School District?  Why so difficult for our School District to reply to the ECT?  The District has a full-time paid “Director of Communication” – Mr. Dan Dougherty flat did not reply, after being asked!  Isn’t that (in part) part of his job to answer Reasonable Requests for the District?

Know This…the fact that the ECSD did answer the ECT’s reasonable Property TaxJeanne-McQueeney-photo question – covers the district LEGALLY.  However it did nothing to enhance the District’s relationship with the County’s independent media.

One more very important point:  The President of your School Board is now running as a Candidate for Eagle County Commissioner.  She was copied on all our emails and correspondence during our Open Records Request – and NEVER replied to any of the ECT’s emails.

Our question to Ms. McQueeney is this – If this is the kind of “Open and Transparent” governance you show the local media during your Campaign…just what can voters/taxpayers expect if you are elected as our next Eagle County Commissioner?

Please just Click On the graphic below to read the answer from the District!


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