Water District Rate Increase? Here is the Untold Story

by  Clayton Moore


They are going to increase significantly – what you pay for Water and Sewer Services in their Water District.  ~$25 Million more.

Who?  The elected board (and staff) at the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District.

Do I live in that District?  Well roughly…Vail, Minturn, Eagle Vail, Avon, Beaver Creek/Bachelor Gulch/Arrowhead, Edwards, Cordillera and Wolcott are the affected customers.  (Click Here)

How much are they going to Raise my Rates by?  It depends on the outcome of their special election this May 2014 with (2) Ballot Questions – one to Refinance ~$25Million in Bonds – and the other question is to ask their customers to “de-Bruce” and remove the Financial Restrictions imposed against the District by Colorado’s TABOR Constitutional Amendment.  Bottom Line for the District on TABOR?  They want to make it easier (for them) to raise your rates (read: get financing) for any new future Water projects…imposed on them by any new/future government regulations.

How did the District’s Customers get “stuck” with this new ~$25 Million dollar Invoice?

Answer:  Big Government.  Specifically, the EPA issuing new/additional Clean Water Regulations that were handled through the Colorado State Legislature.  That’s How.

Today’s Water “problem” the EPA wants fixed?  Reduce the Nitrogen content of the water that flows through their District.

Know This:  When pressed publically (read: asked directly) at their last ERW&SD District Board meeting (Thursday, February 27th 2014)…”does this new regulation constitute a Government “Unfunded Mandate” the answer was a definite YES, from their High-powered Water Attorney – Glenn Porzak!

The ECT folks continued their public questions at that meeting…”What is to stop the EPA or Colorado Regulators from issuing new/additional Regulations (read: more Unfunded Mandates) in future years – another $25Million for a Mag Chloride River clean up, perhaps?

Answer:  NOTHINGBuckley-Vote

Conclusion?  So we the District customers are being asked this May 2014 to vote to “de-Bruce” our Water District – so that it will be easier for the District to finance (Millions More?) in the future should more Government Regulations (read: Unfunded Mandates) follow?

ECT’s position:  Forgetaboutit!  And the ECT recommends it be your position too.

FACTOID:  There was but one and only one elected ERW&SD Board member who voted NOT to put the question of “de-Bruceing” on your May 2014 Ballot (Click Here).

Is there only one Elected ERW&SD Board member who is representing the financial interests of their Customers?  This May, you’ll get to answer that question at the Ballot box.

Just Wait till the ECT folks tell you about “Part II” – What is the ERW&SD Board doing to protect their customers from future multi-million dollar “Unfunded Mandates”?

Stand by – 2 more months till May’s election.

PS –  ECT in 100% agreement with Board Member Stephen Friedman’s (above) statement.  Mr. Friedman, please Click on the graphic below.



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