Vail Hospital – What the Fishwrap wont tell you!

by  Clayton Moore

Dateline:  March 2014

There are plenty of folks making BIG profits – at the “non-profit” known as the Vail Hospital.  The ECT will prove it.

What we all know – the Highest Health Insurance costs in our Nation are paid by working families right here in Eagle County, Colorado – due unquestionably to the fact that our Vail Hospital has the Hospital Monopoly here in Eagle County (Click Here).

FACTOID:  Since our Hospital is organized as a “non-profit” for Federal Tax purposes, their Federal Tax Returns (Form 990) are a matter of public record.


So here the Salaries paid to the top Hospital Administrators and local top Salaried Doctors that work at the Vail Hospital.  Keep in mind the most current Federal Form 990 the ECT folks could find was filed in 2012 – for their Salaries paid in 2011 (Click Here).  Just (Click On) the graphic below to enlarge it.

Vail Hospital – CEO – Doris Kirchner $563,727.00

Vail Hospital – CFO – Charles Crevling $407,672.00

Vail Hospital – Physician – Dr. Patricia Hardenbergh $823,188


How can our “Community Hospital” at Ms. Kirchner likes to refer it – how can they afford to pay so much to these folks?

FACTOID:  Part of it has a simple answer.  The Vail Hospital being organized as a non-profit – doesn’t pay Property Taxes – on the majority of the vast Vail Real Estate holdings they own.  Unlike even our “Eagle County Gasoline Cartel and over priced Grocery Stores” – even those folks pay Property Taxes that our Vail Hospital doesn’t.

Recall:  That the majority of Property Taxes we all pay in Eagle County – are paid into the Public School System in Eagle County.

Pardon our confusion here at the ECT, but we still don’t know what CEO Kirchner is talking about when she refers to the Vail Hospital as “our Community Hospital”.  Perhaps the term “Community Hospital” is useful during the Hospitals annual fundraising events or their Community drives for more Volunteers to spend hours working for free at the Hospital.  You decide.

For a complete look at the Vail Hospital’s Federal 990 Tax (2012) Form (Click Here)

DISCLAIMER:  ECT folks have no issue with the QUALITY of the Medical Services provided by the dedicated and hard working Staff at the Vail Hospital and also the entire Vail Valley Medical Center – it’s the costs (read: fees) for those services – that alarms us…


3 responses

  1. Dear Lone Ranger,

    I’m looking at the 3/25/14 Fishwrap. The “community” is looking to sell the county as a high-end health vacation utopia.

    This should drive health costs for the worker-bee (err…. umm…) down?


    Best regards and God bless,


    • The only (defense?) workin’ folks have against the Vail Hospital is…don’t go there.
      Don’t get sick. Polis, Udall and Bennett all voted for Obamacare. Our healthcare costs (as you know) are getting worse, not lower. All we can hope is that the folks who voted for Obamacare – get thrown out of office.

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