Does this seem, Fair to you?

by   no fan of the EPA

Chicago vs.  Eagle County, Colorado

Update:  9:22AM – Monday – 17MAR2014 – A correction is needed for our Report this week.  Please see the comments (left margin) for the ECT Correction in this Report.

FACTOID:  Due to the collective efforts of EPA Regulations and a compliant Colorado State Legislature…Customer’s of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District have had to Bond (this year) for $25 Million Dollars to remove dissolved Nitrogen (among other things) from the Water in Gore Creek and the Eagle River.  Why?  Because the EPA says so…

Meanwhile back in Chicago, Illinois – March 2014 – Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


The Chicago River of course – originally emptied into Lake Michigan (see Comments – Left Margin).  Just (Click On) the graphic above to read the entire story…

Please contact the ECT if you have any information – about how the EPA chooses to enforce their clean water regulations…


4 responses

  1. You have your facts wrong! The Chicago River no longer “empties” into Lake Michigan but flows to the Mississippi..
    The green dye original used, fluorescein, was banned by the EPA and the parade committee has since switched to a mix involving powdered vegetable dye, which has met their approval. Whether or not you like the EPA you should get your facts correct!

    • ECT Stands Corrected! The Chicago River did originally empty into Lake Michigan; however it has since been diverted through a series of locks – backwards into the Mississippi River through what is today known as the “Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal”.
      Now it seems everyone living along the Mississippi River drainage (from Chicago) can enjoy Green Dye in their water too!
      So far the ECT folks have not found ANY PROOF – to support your claim “The green dye originally used, fluorescein, was banned by the EPA and the parade committee has since switched to a mix involving powdered vegetable dye, which has met their (EPA) approval.
      ECT challenges C Miller to support his Allegation (EPA Approval) with documentation!

  2. There are many EPA approved dyes that conform to the ANSI/ Standard 60 for potable water as set forth by the EPA in The Clean Water Act. While I am not going to sleuth all approved dyes, and the keep the exact formulation a secret, various major news organizations and columns have said it is “40 lb/18 kg of EPA-approved dye.” Originally it was oil based. See the story of the turning the river green.


    • A reasonable question. How is it that dumping ANY chemical into (someone else’s drinking water supply) could ever be considered OK? We can agree that “40 lb/18 kg of EPA-approved dye” is not something that occurs naturally in the Chicago River. Ever wonder what the folks that live (get their drinking water down stream) from the Chicago River think of this green dye in their water supply? We agree that we should blame Richard Nixon for the EPA. The same political party that currently occupies the white house – has also been in charge of Chicago politics for generations. Politics just as dirty as their Chicago River. Recall Ron Blagojevich, happy to sell an Illinois Senate seat. ECT has a different explanation of why Chicago keeps dumping a (non-naturally occurring) dye into their River each St. Patrick’s day. It attracts Chicago Tourists – that spend a bunch of money in their Town. C Mill your (faith?) in the EPA is misplaced. ECT doesn’t have much faith in the NSA either.

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