Open and Transparent – EC School District?

by   some of the local Bean Counters

Fiscal-Transparency-13MAR2014EC School District – Open and Transparent?  ECT found more questions than answers about how the School District is spending your Tax dollars.  Recall the majority of the annual Property Taxes you pay – goes into Education.

Last week (13MAR2014) Eagle County Public School Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass pointed out in print (Click Here) that “we present all of our checks on the district’s website and make readily available all of our spending and other financial documents.”

So the ECT went to have a look see last week.  Per Dr. Glass’s claim…the list of ECSD paid “checks” (it’s 74 pages long) for the one month of February 2014 – it can be found by (Clicking Here)  If you’d like to visit Dr. Glass’s list online (Click Here)

ECT would like our Readers to leave a comment (left margin) to help us understand some of these School District (recent) Educational expenditures.

Payment in Lieu of Taxes to Arn Menconi’s SOS?  For what $10,000.00 service?


A Power Cord for a PC Desktop Computer is a “generic” thing.  You can buy them at the local Wal~Mart for about $3.00 ea.  Why does Apple charge our District $79.00  How much does our District pay for screwdrivers?


Perhaps we should give up our day job and just sell Apple Power Cords to the District…


Dines at McDonalds…but prefers the Grand Hyatt for his lodging (where?)


A full day Private Ski Lesson at Vail Colorado costs $815.00 (Click Here)  Why is the Eagle County Taxpayer – paying to teach public school students “how to ski” and take “hut trips”?  Parents did that for us…when we were little.  Why aren’t the kids spending more time improving their grades?


Meanwhile…back in the Classroom…does our School District need to go “out of district” to find a Math/Science teacher…qualified to perform (Coaching duties?)


Please leave a comment here at the ECT if you know (just who?) is keeping any eye on our School District’s monthly expenses.  Let the ECT know what you’ve found in their 79 pages of Expenses for the one month – February 2014.


6 responses

  1. If you look at PO’s from around 75912 to 75919 they total over $100,000.00 all say for Pilt. What in the world is Pilt. That may not be all the Pilt. Also you will find over $4200.00 copier rentals. You can buy a good copier at Costco $300.00 or less and if it breaks down you can afford to throw it away.

    • PILT- Payment in Lieu of Taxes.
      It’s a scam promoted by the Federal Government – to increase our Federal Deficit.
      Works something like this (for Eagle County). Fed’s say (in effect) Eagle County is made up of (too much?) non-property tax paying Federal land. So the Fed’s (in their infinite wisdom) will hand Eagle County $$$ to (make up?) for their perceived non-property tax paying revenue shortfall…

      ECT will pass on your Costco/Copier tip to our School Board.

  2. We are happy to provide more information about the expenses that are highlighted for Walking Mountains Science Center programs. These expenses are covered by parents or PTA budgets and for ease of accounting, we bill the school district, which is then reimbursed by parents or PTA’s, and if a student cannot pay, they are provided a scholarship. Our hands on, field science programs correlate with science district standards and units of study. In many cases, students learn more in the field than they would in a comparable time period in the classroom. These programs on ocassion include overnights, such as hut trips with the AP Environmental Science Class at Battle Mountain High School, during which students learn about winter ecology and snow science. These types of topics are more interesting and students typicaly learn a great deal more than they would in the classroom, making them a productive and efficient use of time.

  3. The link to the schools “Financial Transparency” (Checks and Charge card payments) is here if taxpayers are interested.

    One thing that has changed is the charge card transactions no longer display the purchasers names, within their Dept or School, making these purchases.

    *Used to start off:
    Cardholder Name
    Statement Date
    Transaction Date
    Post Date Reference Number
    Merchant Name
    Transaction Type
    Transaction Amount
    –> EXAMPLE link here:

    * Now it is:
    Tran Date
    Company Unit
    Narrative Details
    Amount USD
    –> EXAMPLE link Feb 2014

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