Local Primary Races – Eagle County, Colorado

by  Clayton Moore

It is a Colorado State wide Primary Election date – Tuesday, June 24th 2014.

What you need to know.

1 – It’s a U.S. Mail in election only.  No Primary polling places.

2 –  Eagle County Registered (Democrats/Republicans) will get their respective Primary election Ballot in the U.S. Mail – they must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office on or before Tuesday, June 24th.  Eagle County Voters Registered as “independents” do not get to vote in this Primary Election this June – you have to wait till this November’s general election. However!  Friday, May 23rd 2014 is the last day Unaffiliated voters can Change their Affiliated Status with the EC Clerks office – that would allow them to vote in a respective R or D primary on June 24th.  (Click Here)  If you are unsure of your current Voter Registration status – call the Clerk’s office in Eagle at 970.328.8728

Now that both local Parties have completed their respective Caucuses and Assembly’s – what can we expect to see (mostly complete list of candidates below) on the two different (R’s and D’s) Primary Ballot…

EC Democrats Primary Ballot:

Primary Races:  Eagle County Commissioner – District 3

Democrats choosing:  Pat Hammon (D) vs. Jeanne McQueeney (D)   (side note:  Tom Edwards rumored to be dropping out – because a weak vote total at the Dems Assembly this past Saturday.

Unopposed Primary Election – Democrat Candidates

Teak Simonton – Incumbent, Eagle County Clerk and Recorder

Kathy Chandler-Henry – Incumbent Eagle County Commissioner – District 2

Mark Chapin – Incumbent, Eagle County Tax Assessor

Kara Bettis – Incumbent, Eagle County Coroner

Dan Corcoran – Incumbent, Eagle County Surveyor

Daric Harvey – Eagle County Sheriff, currently serving as a Commander working on the Vail Police Department

Kerry Donovan – Colorado State Senate – Senate District 5

Diane Mitsch Bush– Incumbent – Colorado State House – District 26

EC Democrats have no candidate challenging Incumbent EC Treasurer Karen Sheaffer in November’s general Election.

EC Republicans Primary Ballot:

Primary Races:  Eagle County Sheriff – Republicans choosing – James van Beek vs. Incumbent Sheriff Joy Hoy

EC Republicans have no challengers against democrat incumbent(s) EC Clerk and EC Assessor in  November’s general election

Unopposed Primary Election – Republican Candidates

Karen Sheaffer – Incumbent – EC Treasurer

Dick Mayne – Eagle County Commissioner – District 3

Courtney Holm – Eagle County Commissioner – District 2

Ted Archibeque – Eagle County Surveyor

Sue Franciose – Eagle County Coroner

Don Suppes – Colorado State Senate – Senate District 5 (there are other GOP primary candidates)

Note Below:  Colorado GOP State Assembly vote (11-12APR2104) will determine if there is a GOP Primary (candidates below)  for the Colorado State House District 26.  Colorado Re-districting has now put part of Eagle County in District 25 from District 56.

Chuck McConnell – Colorado State House – District 26

Dave Moloney – Colorado State House – District 26


One response

  1. My name is Lee Mulcahy and I’m running for state senator in Colorado’s 5th Senate District.

    I believe that neither party represents the will of the majority of the people, instead only serving the interests of their largest campaign contributors, the corporations and the billionaires.

    I dug irrigation ditches to pay for my education at university. I’m an Eagle Scout. I believe that Colorado is riding the crest of the wave on federal over-reach. I’m going to surf that wave to give the common man a voice in government. God gave me the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I intend to give back. I believe in what I’m doing. My steering committee has endorsed my platform:

    • Raise the minimum wage on giant corporations.

    • Save the Thompson Divide.

    • State nullification of Obamacare.

    The Denver Post reported, “Recently (Gov.) Hickenlooper threatened to sue any municipality that bans oil and gas development in city limits, saying state regulations trump local controls.”

    Does my Democrat opponent agree with the governor? I don’t.

    My friend Gail Schwartz, the current Democratic senator who is term-limited, told me we don’t need a raise in the minimum wage. Again, I don’t agree.

    My Democrat opponent, who formerly worked in management for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, refuses to say if giant corporations like Vail Resorts or Aspen Ski Co. (owned by out of state billionaires) should pay a living wage. I believe both should: Aspen Skiing recently got busted for minimum wage violations.

    My Democratic opponent also has declined to say whether she would support the governor’s “gun safety” measures recently signed that a majority of Colorado Sheriffs regard as unconstitutional. I believe they’re unconstitutional.

    A raise in the minimum wage and the Second Amendment rights are important issues to voters.

    Whereas the Western Slope Watchdog has reported that my Republican opponent sees the creeping influence of “Agenda 21” on governmental decisions.

    “It’s absolutely here,” he said. “The thing about Agenda 21 that the liberals didn’t expect is it gave the liberal playbook a name.”

    My Republican opponent “also expressed dismay that he would not be able to leave his 25-round Ruger pistol to his children.”

    I don’t believe either of these candidates represents the will of the people.

    I hope you will vote for me in November 2014.

    And if believe in liberty, please send your donations to Lee Mulcahy for Senate, 53 Forge Road, Aspen CO 81611.

    Lee Mulcahy


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