Open Space Purchase – Evicts "Grandma"

Can you believe this?

Once again – the Fishwrap (Editor – no story) and our friends at the Eagle Valley Land Trust – don’t seem to be interested in making you aware…of the consequences of a recent Open Space purchase on land in Eagle County.

Fortunately the Aspen Daily News and the EagleCountyTimes.Com  – will inform you.


The ADN story reports that Ms. Anne Parker received her Eviction notice from the Eagle County Sherriff’s office on her 76th Birthday.  (Click Here) to read the entire ADN story.

ECT did contact our local Eagle Valley Land Trust to learn what they knew about this Eagle County Open Space purchase…here is what we found.


Is there any good news to report?

Answer:  At the March 15th 2014 Eagle County GOP Assembly – that group voted to support the repeal Eagle County’s Open Space Tax.  If (2) GOP Eagle County Commissioners are are elected this November 2014 – you can bet that question will soon be on your Eagle County Ballot – so Taxpayers can vote – to prevent more evictions like this from happening.



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