Silver Bullet Points – from our School District

by  Clayton Moore

Now why do think our elected Eagle County School District Board and Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass, don’t seem to be interested in calling attention to their own documented “Silver Bullet Points”?

What “Silver Bullet Points”?

This from our School Board’s Meeting – August 14th 2013 – Dr. Glass in attendance.

(Click Here) to read the entire Board Minutes – below from page 5 of their 28 page PDF document.


Silver Bullet Point #2 – Paychecks to the Eagle County School District Employees – presented to the School Board from Brian Childress – ECSD Executive Director of Human Resources at the same meeting.


The ECT folks would like to congratulate our School Board and the Administration for their efforts to manage our Eagle County School Budget.


Our friends over that EFEC are sending out this recent information about Public School Funding.


ECT’s Silver Bullet Question:

How can EFEC claim our Public Schools are suffering from “devastating (budget) cuts of the past five years” at the same time our School District (Meeting Minutes) are reporting (last August 2013) a Budget Surplus in part distributed back as additional pay to the District employees?

Please also recall that our Eagle County School District recently DROPPED our Property Tax Mill Levy (Click Here) which is responsible for the money our School District receives from local Property Taxpayers.


2 responses

  1. Does the public even know what these two Ed bills are for?

    In a nutshell, per CBS 4, double the million(s) that was ‘lost’ during the Great Recession, fund Preschool and fund non-required all-day Kindergarten, and pay for English language Learners

    1) Per CBS News-CO will “send more than $200 million extra to schools next year, including $100 million to backfill education budget cuts”
    2) The education bills also give schools some $30 million for students learning English and
    3) $17 million to pay for more pupils to enroll in subsidized preschool and full-day kindergarten

    1) CBS (‘School-Funding Changes Clear First Colorado Hurdle’)

    2) EdWeek, re Head Start Preschool (‘Head Start Advantages Mostly Gone by 3rd Grade, Study Finds’)

    3) (Under No Child Left Behind?) SEC. 3101. SHORT TITLE. This part may be cited as the ‘English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act’, Title III …

  2. ATTN: bilingual School teachers-appears there is more U.S. jobs waiting for you. And as this school district is willing to pay the $20,000 to sponsor foreign teachers for this Texas public school employment, perhaps they will offer a bonus for you as well. The pay is good too. Look at 2013-2014 Garland ISD Salary Placement Schedule

    Garland Independent School District – employment
    Foreign Teachers In Texas Face Deportation Due To School District’s Visa Handling Blunder

    Published March 27, 2014
    Fox News Latino

    A few years ago, a school district in Texas found itself with a booming immigrant population and few teachers who spoke Spanish. So they started an ambitious recruitment program that brought in 260 teachers – from Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela – to meet their growing demand.

    Now, about six years later, 23 of those teachers are facing deportation after the Garland Independent School District apparently bungled their temporary work visas …

    Federal law mandates that the sponsoring organization – the district, in this case, not the teachers – cover the $20,000 in costs for each applicant …

    “We are more worried about our legal status because we want to continue to work legally,” Bernardo Montes-Rodriguez, 41, who faces deportation in September when his visa expires, told the Morning-News …

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