EC School District and last weeks Telephone Poll – March 2014

by Clayton Moore and the Fans of Yogi Berra

Is our Public School District – paying for last weeks (26MAR) Telephone Poll?

Confirmed reports submitted to the ECT from last week – proving that a telephone poll is being taken of likely voters (November 2014) on the subject of….

“would you support an increase in your Eagle County Property Taxes – to benefit EagleYogi-Berra County’s Public Schools?”

When the person taking the poll was asked “who is paying for this telephone poll” no definitive answer was given…Imagine that.

There was absolutely no question about the intent of their polls questions – this was all about gathering information from local voters about another Property Tax increase…

FACTOID:  As Yogi would say…It’s “Déjà vu All Over Again – from June 26th 2011

This is not the first time that our School District and their friends took a telephone poll of local voters.

The ECT reported on this – June 26th 2011 (Click Here)

What our School District’s Polling history (circa 2011) has taught us…

Fact is…the 2011 Polling Data presented to our then (elected EC School District Board) showed most folks would NOT support an increase to their Property Taxes.

So then, what did our 2011 School Board – do with their own documented polling information?

Answer:  They ignored it – and put their question to raise everyone Property Taxes on the November 2011 Eagle County Ballot.  It failed with the voters…just like their official Polling data suggested it would…

So from the perspective of the Eagle County Taxpayers – what’s changed since 2011?

1 – Most folks Eagle County home values have gone down or (if they’re lucky) have remained the same.

2 –  Obamacare – has transformed Eagle and Pitkin Counties – into the highest cost for Health Insurance in the United States (Click Here)

3 –  The existence of Obamacare has allowed Vail Resorts to DROP all Healthcare Benefits for ALL their Part Time/Seasonal Employees…who now have to “fend for themselves” in an Insurance exchange and hope they can find something affordable for their families  (Click Here)

Time will tell what our 2014 elected School Board will do.  Fact is…they do have the legal authority to put a Tax question on your November 2014.   We’ll see.


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