EC School Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass

by Clayton Moore

The ECT folks have a question for Eagle County Parents – that send their children to School here.

Specifically, to the Parents who choose to send their children to local schools other than our Eagle County Public Schools – that Dr. Glass is in charge of…

Q.)  In the last several weeks of reading Dr. Glass’s (weekly Wednesday column) in the Fishwrap – have you read anything from Dr. Glass that convinces you – your children would get a better Education in Eagle County Public Schools – than where your children are Educated today?

The ECT folks have carefully studied and read all of Dr. Glass’s columns on EducationJason-Glass and we have reached two undeniable conclusions.

1 – Dr. Glass has good intentions when it comes to the issue of Education.

2 –  Dr. Glass wants millions more of Colorado Taxpayer money to be spent on – Public School Education.

What we have not learned from reading Dr. Glasses weekly/Wednesday columns is…


1 –  What Eagle County Public Schools need the most attention from Dr. Glass and his well paid army of Administrators?


2 –   What local Public schools (based on their test scores) are doing the best?


3 – What metrics does Dr. Glass believe is the best measure of a Schools performance?

4 –  Does Dr. Glass intend to reward the best performing Teachers while helping other teachers improve their skills?  Specifically, how – Dr. Glass?

5 – Why do Dr. Glass’s (Wednesday readers) know more about Dr. Glass (State/Lobbying/Get More Money) efforts – than his (specific/public) Superintendent efforts to improve their child’s Public School education?

Great things for our local Public Schools are not expected to happen overnight…Frankly, the ECT folks are not sure…just exactly what Dr. Glass is doing to improve Education for all our children in local Public Schools.

Do our local Parents know?   Please contact the ECT if you have any specific, documented information we can use for a (Click Here)…and Parents that have your children in local schools (other than Public Schools) please tell the ECT why…


One response

  1. Is he a paid weekly columnist for the Vail Daily? After all, his first column stated it would be weekly. Is he working on his lobbying columns on EC taxpayers dimes? (School time that is?)
    Vail Daily column: Competing reform agendas
    Welcome to a new weekly column that I will be writing …
    (read more here

    Wikipedia: Lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies. Lobbying is done by many different types of people and organized groups, including individuals in the private sector, corporations, fellow legislators or government officials, or advocacy groups (interest groups).

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