Vail Resorts – investing big in Utah

by  Clayton Moore

The Fishwrap folks won’t tell you.

However the ECT and the Salt Lake City Tribune – will help you piece it together.

Background…for the most part Eagle County is “tapped out” for any BIG NEW Ski Resort Real Estate development – save what Dean Adler use to talk about, from time to time in Minturn…EverVail’s proposed geography…just isn’t that big.

So?  So if you want to operate Ski Resorts and develop large new areas for Resort Real Estate – where do you go (and why) if you already own much of California’s Lake Tahoe Resorts and Colorado Ski Resorts?  Below from a recent story (March 18th 2014) in the Salt Lake City Tribune.  (Click Here) to read their story.


Point is…while Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts had a bad 2014 snow year…VR was happy to sell skiers lift tickets where the snow conditions were very good – at their resorts in Colorado…

VR CEO Rob Katz wants a Resort (foothold obviously) in Utah – (Park City to be exact) and he’s willing to buy (or sue PCMR) for that new location.

PCMR = Park City Mountain Resort and VR are already in a lawsuit.  Just click on the graphic below to read the entire story.


Now it’s pretty clear isn’t it?  VR positions themselves in different geographical locations to take advantage of varying snow conditions from year to year…and it doesn’t take a (Real Estate Einstein) to grasp the Resort Real Estate potential of 7 interconnected Ski Resorts already operating in Utah, environmentalists notwithstanding.  Drive time from Salt Lake City’s International Airport to some of the 7 Ski Resorts is about 45 minutes on a dry road…

ECT Comment:  In the years to come….would the last ‘underutilized’ Eagle County Real Estate professional  please ‘turn out the lights’ on your way to Salt Lake City, Utah…


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