A Vending Machine – Designed to Reduce Public Safety

by  Clayton Moore

If you’re the sort that cares about Public Safety…you’re not going to like this new vending machine.

It’s designed…and for a price it will dispense a mind-altering drug (THC), in various “food” forms you should be aware of.  Cookies, Candies, Drinkable…what have you.  Fact is, this vending machine is currently illegal in 48 of the 50 U.S. States.  Those are the States (mind you) that still comply with existing Federal Drug Laws…

So what is the vending machine doing making its (Colorado Debut?) in Avon?  Montana’s Restaurant in Avon to be specific.  So far no word about this vending machine from Avon Police Chief – Robert Ticer – W 970.748.4040…nor your Eagle County Sheriff (Joe Hoy) who wants your vote this November 2014 to keep is job – as your #1 Eagle County Public Safety Officer… W  970.328.8500  One more point…local Skiers know as do some Vail and Beaver Creek guests this season…that Vail Resorts managing their ski mountains (read: Federal Property) did a much better job of enforcing Federal Drug law than Eagle County’s Chief Law Enforcement officer…Why?  Because Vail Resorts values Public (in this case) Skier Safety.  How do you feel about Public Safety in Eagle County?  Does a mind altering drug dispensed from a new vending machine improve Driver Safety on our Eagle County roads?



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