Avon’s new Boxcar Restaurant

by  the fans of  Lecil Travis Martin

Boxcar is the newest edition to Avon’s somewhat upscale Restaurants.  It’s located next to (just east) of  Christy Sports in Avon.  If you know where Avon’s Pier 1 and Sports Authority are…it’s the building behind them (just west) of that location.


The Free Parking out front is pretty good, considering it’s Avon.

Owners James Charmness and Cara Luff made some significant modifications to the original space…since that space was (years ago) a bowling alley in Avon.  Some photos of that extensive remodel can be seen on Boxcar’s Facebook page (Click Here) if you’re interested.

When you walk in, you walk down a few steps to the Bar area and seating near their gas fireplace.  When you walk “into the back” you find the open kitchen and a bigger dining room, that the owners say can be reserved for special parties and events.

Boxcar’s Summer plans include expanding outdoors (south) as there is plenty of room between a new wood fence and the Boxcar building.

A quick glance of their self described “Modern American Cuisine” menu can be had by (Clicking Here).  The ECT folks can vouch for their “Rosemary Gougeres – Chevre and pear mousse” found at the top of their menu.

Boxcar also has an extensive smooth Specialty Cocktails drink menu…however take note, some are a bit pricy but also quite good.  Craft Beers are also available.

Now that the 2014 Ski Season is behind us…put the Boxcar in Avon on your list of things to check out this Spring.  Tell them the EagleCountyTimes.com sent you!


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