Water Candidates – ducking the Big Question in their May 6th Election

by   Clayton Moore

To date (16APR2014) ALL the Water District Candidates are (publically) avoiding the Big Issue – facing the Customers and Voters inside the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District.  Their election is Tuesday, May 6th 2014.

The Issue:  Ongoing – Unfunded Government Mandates

According to the Water District’s own Attorney Glenn Porzak – the ~$25 Million Dollar Bond Debt that the ERW&SD has very recently Bonded for – was the direct result of the Unfunded Government Mandate handed down by the EPA through the Colorado State Legislature!  (Click Here)  Water District customers are now legally “on the hook” to pay that new $25 Million dollar debt.


Which ERW&SD Candidate (above) is willing to tackle this ongoing issue – to protect the financial interests of customers (read: voters) inside their Water District?

Specific Issue:  What is to stop the EPA or the Colorado State Legislature or Colorado Regulator from issuing a New Regulation – requiring our Water District spend (another $25 Million dollars?) for (Mag Chloride?) clean up in the years to come?

Answer:  Nothing!   What about a future mandated “heavy metal” water clean up because of the Gillman Mine (an EPA Superfund site by the way – Click Here) near the Eagle River?

So then why aren’t these Candidates addressing this Big Election issue?

Granted:  It is not reasonable to expect the ERW&SD to “take on” the EPA by itself, HOWEVER it is reasonable to expect the Elected District Leadership to work through their “Special District Association” of Colorado (they are a member) to address the issue of ongoing Unfunded Government Mandates affecting what their customers pay for clean water.

Yes, the SDA has many other Colorado Water Districts as members and the SDA (in part) acts as a lobbing organization representing the interests of other Colorado Water Districts that are also under the threat of continued Unfunded Government Mandates.

How many of these candidates have talked to our Colorado State Representatives about this issue?  Anybody know?  What was the result of these alleged conversations?  What specific action items have current Water Board members (trying to get re-elected – Rick Sackbauer) asked their SDA to address going forward?  Nothing?  Why don’t we know?

ECT recommendation:  Know the Water Issues affecting you.  Know your Candidates before voting.  Vote for Candidates based on their actions, not their expressed intensions.


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