Who is this May 2014 Election PAC?

by  Jay Silverheels

Who is this May 6th 2014 – Water Election – Political Action Committee?

Their PAC – “Citizens for Healthy Rivers”

Well according to the Colorado Secretary of State Web site – this is “who they are” based on their stated Election Contributions.  Yes, the ECT knows…just (Click On) the graphic below to zoom in and read it…ECT sure you’ll recognize some of the names of these locals.


The ECT claims this PAC is deliberately misleading you on – Ballot Issue “B” on the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District election this May 6th 2014.

The CFHR PAC claims on their color brochure they’ve sent you via U.S. Mail…it states if you Vote “Yes”,    “You keep your TABOR rights to vote on Tax Increases”

Foul!  The ECT claims this is not true!  Voters must vote “No” to protect their TABOR Rights!  Let’s read the actual Ballot Language for Ballot Issue B and let you decide.  Just (Click On) the graphic below to enlarge it.


FACT:  This CFHR PAC didn’t include the actual Ballot Language on their full color brochure.  Now why do you think they (deliberately?) withheld the Ballot Language from you – when it is easily and readily, publicaly available?

Don’t be fooled.  Read the Ballot Language and Vote “No” to protect your TABOR RIGHTS!


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