EC School District – Survey – March 2014

Anyone know ‘who paid’ for the recent telephone survey (March 2014) – about Eagle County’s Public School District?

The Gist?  It reads to the ECT like their Survey was intended to see how well the School District’s “public relations” campaign was being perceived in the District.  (Click Here) to download their entire Survey that was presented to your Elected School board.


ECT had more questions after reviewing their Survey than when we started.

Let’s start with ….Questions Not asked (read: District facts not disclosed) in their Telephone Survey.

1 – Are you aware that in August 2013 the Eagle County School District – reported a “Budget Surplus” from the Property Taxes collected in the District?  (Click Here)


2 – In your view…if the EC School District was doing an (above-average) job of educating our students…then why so many Public School Alternatives in Eagle County today?  How many EC Private Schools in Eagle County have closed their doors (since 2007) – due to a migration of their Students – back into the Public School system?

Answer:  The ECT believes none that of our local Private Schools (since 2007) have closed due to a lack of Students…

3 –  Do you know what SPECIFIC ITEMS (name 3) our School District’s new Superintendent (Dr. Jason Glass) is doing to improve your child’s education in the Public School?

Finally the ECT folks would like to offer our assistance to Ms. Lori Weigal – to provide more relevant (hard nosed – specific questions) about how our Eagle County School District is doing educating our children.


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