Ruffed Grouse–visits the House

by   the fans of Marlin Perkins

ECT folks are not trained Ornithologists.  However we believe we have correctly ID’d this fellow who stopped by last Sunday morning to say hello.

UPDATE:  AM, Monday, April 28th…Ornithological Correction needed.  See below.

He’s a ‘Ruffed Grouse’ we believe…and the ECT admired his amazing natural camouflage.  At about 50 feet…and if this Grouse wasn’t moving you have a hard time picking him out between he snow, rocks and black top driveway.

Just click on the photos to enlarge them!


Correction!  ECT reader/contributor Jim Gonzales correctly ID’d this Grouse as a “Blue or otherwise known as a Dusky” Grouse.  Jim submitted his own, recent photo (below) of a Blue/Dusky Grouse in his area.


For more information and online photos of the Blue/Dusky Grouse – (Click Here)


2 responses

  1. I wold like to say, I appreciate what you are doing. Thanks for the info you are uncovering. We are birds of a feather…

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