Update: Water District Candidates

Who to Vote for this May 6th 2014?

That’s a good question – however the ANSWER/TRUTH is pretty scary.


Let’s begin….

Who to Vote for this May 6th 2014?


Answer:  How about voting for the Candidates “who show up for work”!  Specifically, those who attend Board meetings to familiarize themselves with the current Water issues and the business of the Board they’d like to get elected too…

FACT:  The ERW&SD Water District Board meets traditionally (Vail’s Water Plant)Buckley-Vote once a month.  The Staff at the District always provides their Board with a light lunch…as Board members work through their Agenda.

FACT:  For the last (2) Board meetings NONE of the current candidates have shown up at those meetings!  The only exception is current Board member (and Chairman) Rick Sackbauer – who attended (by phone – while on travel) during last weeks Board meeting.

It gets worse…

Each of the Water Candidates were notified via EMail – that their answers to the Question of “Unfunded Mandates” would be published in the ECT.  You’ll recall (this mandate) has already resulted in an additional $25 Million Dollar Bond Debt (Click Here) to the District customers that are now responsible to pay.

The only (2) candidates that responded were Rick Sackbauer (Click Here) and Paul Testwuide.  Mr. Testwuide’s response printed (verbatim) below.

The ECT agrees (inset above) with current Board member Steve Friedman’s comment:  “the first line of taxpayer protection is electing representatives who are good stewards of public money”.

Indeed, Mr. Friedman.  Any who might that be?

Topic:  The continued threat of millions more in “Unfunded Mandates” assessed against the customers of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District.

Mr. Testwuide: 

Mandates that come down from the federal and state governments are often very expensive.  They are often generated with little or no thought given to the financial burden that they inflict on the taxpayers.  Our political leaders often do it for political gain. “Clean Rivers” is a very good notion.  We all want the cleanest most viable waterPaul-Testwuide-1 possible.

The question is, at what cost?  Who pays?  Voters have only one recourse and that is to hold our political leaders responsible and vote for people who have the integrity to understand what they are voting for and the ramifications that any new law they vote in may have on all of us.  There is no free lunch.   Every mandate the comes down is funded from private enterprise or taxpayers.  Given the fact that the Clean Rivers mandate has already been handed down, I will do my best to see that the dollars will be spent as efficiently as possible.  I will also accept as my responsibility to be totally and intelligently involved in any new laws and regulations that are to be drafted during my tenure.  I have no affiliation with any political or private interest.  My interest is the water quality,  constituency of Eagle County, and our beautiful trout.

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