Eagle County’s – Global Cooling?

by   fans of the Weather Channel

ECT found these Eagle County, Colorado weather photos rather interesting.

Granted – (2) years…does not a trend make.

May 4th 2012 – Bachelor Gulch (home to the Ritz Carleton) just west of Beaver Creek.  Note how green the leaves of the Aspens are.  Elevation ~7800 ft.


Meanwhile, yesterday, Sunday, May 4th 2014…exactly two years later.


Of course if you’re willing to go back 4 years – almost to the day….Here is a look at Avon’s weather on May 12th 2010


Also of note…Aspen Mountain (Ajax) is closing for the 2013-2014 ski season on Sunday, May 4th 2014 due to an excellent snow pack this past winter.

So?  So the next time someone in Eagle County, Colorado starts talking about “global warming” tell ‘em they don’t know what they’re talking about – and should spend more time reading the EagleCountyTimes.com!


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