Update – Water District Election – May 6th 2014

by  the fans of Reading the Ballot Language – Before you Vote!!!


They are all exactly the same!

Every single letter printed in the Fishwrap last week – encouraging you to Vote “yes” on Ballot question B for the Water District Election – May 6th 2014 – was the same in this context….

NONE repeat NONE of those letters recommended you read the Question B Ballot Language – before you Vote!  Now just WHY do you think these folks don’t encourage you to read the Ballot Language before you vote?


Answer:  Because voting yes, takes away your control to restrain the Water District’s Board on all future/major expenditures.  Keep in mind…even if you believe today’s Water Board is conservative on their spending you will have zero control over any future Water Board expenditures.  Read their Ballot Language.

Now for the Scary Part…

The ECT contacted Jim Collins who is our ERW&SD Board’s Water Attorney early last week  (Click Here).  The ECT requested Mr. Collins provide the legal documents that prove that this Ballot Language guarantees that ANY part of TABOR (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) would be in effect – should a majority of voters vote “yes” on Question B.  Conversely, what parts of TABOR will not be in effect, should it pass.

Note:  TABOR is a 5 page document, broken into clearly defined legal sections.

The Answer from Mr. Collins?

Nothing.  Nada.  No comment.

So?  So, the ECT asked other local lawyers we know…to try and get an answer…

Their consensus?   They couldn’t figure out how Mr. Collins Ballot Language could withstand a legal challenge should it be challenged in Court.

Why didn’t Mr. Collins Ballot Language specify what parts of TABOR would remain in effect?  The ECT folks believe this specific language was written at the behest of the majority on the current Water Board…their current and future goal being to remove their customer/voters from as much of their financial decision making as possible.  Hence their language as written.

What do you think?


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