Life and Death on I-70 Police Audio

by     this is no joke shots fired, people died

Here is a copy of last weeks – Colorado State Patrol, Police Audio from a Radio Scanner owned and operated 7x24x365 by supporters of the ECT.

Notes from the Colorado State Patrol – Audio from ~9AM – Thursday, May 8th 2014.

Each CSP officer has a number assigned to him/herself that ID’s them when talking on the Radio. The Radio system monitored here is the Colorado State wide – Motorola 800Mhz – Digital Trunk Radio System used by Colorado State Patrol.

CSP operates (5) regional radio Dispatch centers in Colorado. The Dispatch center that supports CSP officers in District 4 (Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Mesa, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt and Summit) counties is located in Craig, Colorado.


Be aware:  These CSP officers and Dispatch operators are trained on how to use the Radio and report. There is no “commentary” only the very brief facts at the scene, then Dispatch replies/repeats back to the officer on scene that Dispatch acknowledges they understand exactly what is going on and at what time of day.

“ 4 Charlie 5” – CSP designation for all listening that Radio traffic is from Colorado State Patrol, District 4, (Northwest Colorado) Officer 5.

The Voices on the Radio…

CSP Officer – Eugene Hofacker – CSP Radio Call/ID “4 Charlie 5”  (he was shot in the leg by suspect Thomas Ornelas) on I-70 westbound near the entrance to Glenwood Canyon.

CSP Officer – Shane Gosnell (an excellent pistol shooter) Both Officers riding in same CSP patrol car headed to CSP training in Glenwood Springs from their CSP office in Eagle Vail.

Suspect – Thomas Ornelas (shot in the head by Officer Gosnell – after Ornelas shot and wounded Officier Hofacker)  Ornelas’s car was stopped westbound on I-70 when he was approached by Officer Hofacker.

Roughly translated – Radio Transcript… The audio starts out as a “routine” CSP I-70 traffic stop…then changes very quickly at about 1:20 into the Audio.

It begins…(Click On graphic below for Audio)


I-70 “at the 129” = I-70 at Mile Marker 129 near the entrance (westbound) to the Glenwood Canyon past Dotsero.

Request “10-27, 10-29” – CSP officer requesting CSP Dispatch in Craig run both a Driver’s License Check and Arrests/Warrants check (of stopped I-70 motorist Thomas Ornelas) through their computer database.  Then, when Officer Hofacker returned to Ornelas’s car…

Shane Gosnell : “shots fired, officer down” – reporting to Craig Dispatch an officer had been shot about 1 minute and 20 seconds into the I-70 traffic stop.

Shane Gosnell: “I need 10-33, traffic” – (translation; Emergency, all units stand by Gosnell’s Radio traffic/report currently top CSP priority with Dispatch in District 4)

CSP Dispatch: 10-33 traffic, (9:08) shots fired – (Dispatch acknowledging to officer Gosnell at the scene – Dispatch understands the situation at that moment 9:08AM)

Officer Hofacker: “4 Charlie 5, I’m hit” – Officer Hofacker ID’s himself to Dispatch “4 Charlie 5” and tells them he’s been shot.

“4 Charlie 6 enroot from Glenwood” – unknown CSP officer (male) monitoring the Radio traffic from Dispatch heads in his Patrol car to the scene on I-70.

“4 Charlie 15 enroute from …” – Another CSP officer (male) heard the Radio traffic and responds to the scene.

Officer reports blood loss after being shot (in the leg, his artery was hit) Ambulance responds enroot from Glenwood.

“Craig, 4 Charlie 11” Suspect down I’ve got (???? on scene) – officer Gosnell reporting the suspect has been shot.

“Craig R32 enroute” – Rescue 32 (ambulance) notifying Dispatch they are headed to the scene.

CSP begins to shut down all I-70 traffic both directions.

“I need them FAST” – on scene officer Gosnell reports to Dispatch, Officer Hofacker has been shot twice and is losing a lot of blood very rapidly, and he needs Ambulance support very, very quickly.

“Suspect is Down and he is Deceased” – on scene officer Gosnell reports (we later learn) that he shot suspect Thomas Ornelas in the head right after Ornelas shot officer Hofacker.

The ECT folks would like to thank CSP Officers Hofacker and Gosnell for their Service and wish Officer Hofacker speedy recovery.

Fishwrap readers will never know what is really happening in our community – until they start reading the ECT.


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