The Fishwrap and their Fool’s Errand

There is some Good News to report – however it requires objective and clear thinking.  An exercise rarely demonstrated in the pages of the Fishwrap.

FACT:  Eagle County permanent Residents pay the Highest Health Insurance costs in the Nation.

Here is the Fishwrap’s “Fools Errand” from last week…


The good news is…State and Local politicians are starting to pay attention.  Some of them want to get re-elected this November 2014.

As reported earlier in the ECT (Click Here) Colorado’s State Insurance Commissioners have divided Colorado into 11 geographic zones.  The least affordable Zone is their infamous (Resort) Zone 11 that Eagle County is in.

The Fools Errand – lest you think that your personal active healthy life style and diet here in Eagle County should entitle you to some of the lowest cost Health Insurance available – the “fee for service” rates charged by our monopolistic Vail Hospital (Vail Valley Medical Center) has resulted in EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!

Now consider (pay attention Fishwrap reporters)  The fact that a Colorado Insurance Commissioner might move “a line” on their Map – doesn’t change the fact that no new market based (Hospital) competition has moved into Eagle County.  That said, then why do you (Fishwrap folks) believe that our Vail Hospital might (lower) their “fee for service” cost structure?  Just because there’s a new line on some Map?  You might think even “editor – half the story” over at the Fishwrap could figure this out – but apparently not – hence his head line from last week.

Bottom Line:  Until our Community experiences some real market based competition for Healthcare services….there is simply no reason to believe your health insurance costs will be lowered.



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