Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz – his recent Letter

by  Clayton Moore

Katz-vs-CummingsYou really need to read this…if you’re a part-time Vail Resorts employee that was notified this year – your VR Health Insurance plan is being cancelled.  All VR part time employees were notified (Click Here) their Health Insurance Plan was being dropped at the same time Eagle County, Colorado became the HIGHEST Health Insurance cost County in the United States.  (Click Here)

– Or – if you are a current Beaver Creek property owner – that was asked recently to vote to give $5 Million dollars to pay Vail Resorts to “leave” and take their Beaver Creek Alpine Slide proposal with them…(BC property owners did vote to do just that)  (Click Here)

– Or a local Skier that has seen the price of his/her Epic Mix ski pass…go up and up and up over the last 3 years…

Context:  Below copied from Rob Katz’s (April 15th 2014) signed letter to (PCMR) Park City Mountain Resort CEO – John Cumming.

Katz’s Topic:  Settling ongoing Litigation between Vail Resorts interest and the interests of PCMR  (Click Here) to read Katz’s entire (3) page letter.  Below Katz’s letter, from page (1) paragraph (4)




Apparently Mr. Katz and staff did not believe anyone familiar with Vail Resorts documented track record on the subjects of:

– All Part time employees dropped Healthcare Insurance

– Beaver Creek property owners litigation against VR’s proposed Alpine Slide in Beaver Creek

–  Seemingly never ending increases to local skiers Epic Mix Season Ski Pass

would ever get their hands on a copy of his letter to Park City Mountain Resort CEO – John Cumming.

Well?  The ECT folks did.

ECT readers are encouraged to leave a comment on the difference between Mr. Katz’s claims in writing vs. his documented actions in our Community.

ECT folks also believe Mr. Katz’s “corporate letter writer” is uniquely qualified to be the next White House spokes person.


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