Federal Lawbreaker – Rep. Jared Polis

by  Clayton Moore

Representative Jared Polis (D) is a lawbeaker.

Unfortunately, a large portion of Eagle County is in Colorado’s Congressional District 2 – “represented” by this lawbreaker in the U.S. House of Representatives.

At Issue:  The legal conflict now “on the books” between Colorado’s recently passed Cannabis law vs. Federal Drug laws that have been “on the books” for years and years.

Perhaps Rep. Polis might consider changing his name to Rep. Jefferson Davis – to further signify his efforts to violate and subjugate Federal Law…  Never mind he swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and all Federal and State laws – when he was sworn in as a U.S. Representative…

So what has Polis done lately?   According to his recent press release…

“These amendments, which were added to the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Bill, prevent the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice from interfering with medical marijuana and industrial hemp laws in states where those activities have been legalized.”

Flat Out – this is not legally possible!  Nor strictly speaking legally enforceable.  Never mind that this – “Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Bill” – had nothing to do with Cannabis in the first place!  What exactly does Rep. Jared Polis think he is doing?

It is not legal to “attach as an amendment” – language in a new Bill – that tells one part of the Government “what laws to enforce and what laws to ignore”  (Click Here)

Isn’t this “what they do” in Banana Republics….run by a strong man, Dictator?

Government by Agenda?  Regardless of how you may think about Cannabis – Government by “my” Agenda – is the first few steps toward Government Tyranny.

Do you want to live in a Country – where from one minute to the next – you don’t know what laws will be enforced vs. laws that won’t be enforced?

Our legal/legislative system has a process where an existing law can be “Repealed” which is exactly what happened with Prohibition.  Prohibition was the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – later repealed by the 21st Amendment making Alcohol sales – legal again.

Obviously Polis knows that a majority of U.S. citizens and their elected Representatives do not want to Repeal Federal Drugs laws – or Polis (and his ilk) would have moved to have done just that!  Instead Polis (legislatively and illegally) used the Amendment process for a new Bill – to Subvert and Violate existing Federal law!

Where does this legal subversion stop, Representative Polis?  How about the otherwise Conservative States of Texas and Oklahoma pass a State law – nullifying Roe v. Wade in their State?

Rep Jared Polis (D) needs to be thrown out of Public Office in this coming November 2014 election.

What does that RED Vail Sign say, Jared?  Just scroll down and the ECT will show you!


At least the folks that run Vail Mountain – Know what the LAW is Jared!



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