From the Street

Their Political Guns are drawn…

Eagle County candidates running for Eagle County Sheriff.


First up is the June 24th 2014 – GOP Primary – where challenger James Van Beek faces off against incumbent Sheriff Joe Hoy.  If you are an Eagle County Registered Republican…AND…you are on the current/active voter list (maintained at the Eagle County Clerk’s Office…W  970.328.8728) you will receive your U.S Mail in Ballot in the next few days.  Who ever wins that GOP primary will face the Democrat challenger Daric Harvey (D) this November 4th in the general election.

Eagle County Democrats also have a Tuesday, June 24th 2014 Primary Race to vote in as well – Two Democrats will face off in this Primary Election to replace (term limited) incumbent Eagle County Commissioner Sara Fisher.  Candidate Pat Hammon faces Jeanne McQueeney on that Democrat Primary Ballot.  Since Eagle County Democrat (Carole Onderdonk) misinformed our Community recently in her letter printed in the Fishwrap – the ECT will repeat this election FACT again – If you are an Eagle County Registered Democrat…AND…you are on the current/active voter list (maintained at the Eagle County Clerk’s Office…W970.328.8728) you will receive your U.S Mail in Ballot in the next few days.

If you are not sure…or perhaps have moved and your U.S. Mailing address has changed…the ECT folks strongly suggest you call the Clerk’s Office and make sure you’re on their current/active voter list to be U.S. mailed the appropriate Ballot!

Unaffiliated Voters (some call them – registered independents) will not receive any Primary Ballots and are ineligible to vote UNTIL the General Election on Tuesday, November 4th 2014.

FACTOID:  Unaffiliated Voters can “affiliate” with the County Clerks office up to the day before the Primary Election – then vote in the respective Primary – and legally “unaffiliate” again as early as the day after the Primary Election!

To learn more about the Primary Candidates above – just click on their names above to visit their respective election campaign web sites….

Caution:  If foul language offends you in the exercise of our 1st Amendment rights during any election season…DO NOT (Click Here)   To the ECT folks this photo is an prime example of “more guts than brains”.  One can only imagine what might happen to this Eagle County local…should he be stopped in Eagle County – for any minor traffic violation.  If memory serves Sheriff Joe Hoy’s elected term doesn’t end till January 2015…ECT continues to believe that a more effective campaign effort – would be to help get Hoy’s opponent (James Van Beek) elected and NOT make public disparaging remarks (while standing outside in Wolcott) about the current Sheriff.

FACTOID:  If a Primary Candidate loses their Primary Election – they CANNOT run as an Independent in November’s General Election!

Meanwhile…back in Avon.   Reports received at the ECT this week – that the Eagle County man who historically referred to himself in print as “Ye Old Publisher”…is recuperating slowly from (allegedly) recent triple bypass surgery…YOP did not respond to the ECT in writing….after the ECT contacted him via EMail this past weekend…ECT asked YOP if he needed anything.  ECT advised him that we can provide new online reading material each Monday morning…


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