News about local 1% ers…

by  the Town of Gypsum

Shopping in Gypsum, Colorado just got a little more affordable.

As of June 1st 2014 – the Town of Gypsum lowered their own Sales Tax rate by 1%.

Why?  Because the new debt that Gypsum took on – to pay for their Rec Center has since been paid off!

ECT says Good!  ECT folks like the idea of having our next trip to the Gypsum Costco – be a little less expensive.  Per below (just Click On) the graphic…We’ll all be paying a total of 7.4% for all Sales Tax (Town, County, State) at the Costco check out.

This now in contrast to the 9.549% you pay in Sales Tax – at the Avon Wal~Mart thanks to the combined (litigious) efforts of Avon developer Traer Creek and the worst Town Council in Eagle County – Avon’s.   Avon?  New dirt bike trails?  As far as the ECT is concerned – our County needs another dirt bike trail – like we need another Real Estate agent.  Stop dealing in dirt Avon City Council and focus on something that effects us all – try lowering our Sales Tax rate!

Avon’s sales Tax Rate?   Something to consider the next time your ride needs (4) new tires…



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