Go Pro Competition – Kayak Action – Vail, Colorado – June 2014

Dateline:  Wednesday, June 4th 2014 – Gore Creek at the International Bridge in Vail, Colorado. 

The water temp in Gore Creek (Vail) is high 30s to low 40s at best.

These ambitious Kayakers were practicing in Gore Creek last night – just above the International Bridge – where the TOV has created what amounts to – a Standing Wave to Kayakers to surf and “flip” on.  Go Pro Mountain Games competitors were warming up the weekends competition.


The Physics of it are easy enough to understand…carefully placed rocks just above the Bridge combined with a sufficient amount of Spring Run Off creates a Standing Wave that the Kayakers take advantage of.  What you may not know – is how the Kayakers force the bow of their Kayak into the oncoming flow – and use that to flip their Kayak 360 degrees in the air.

At about 19 seconds into this YouTube video…you can see just how the accomplished Kayakers (a young lady in this case) do this.

Warm Up–Go Pro Kayak Competition–Gore Creek, Vail, Colorado–Wed. June 4th 2014


Stay tuned for more Surfing and Kayak action at the Go Pro Mountain Competition this weekend (5-8June2014) in Vail, Colorado!



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