84% of Colorado’s Sheriff’s – DISAGREE with our Sheriff – Joe Hoy

by  Clayton Moore

Incumbent EC Sheriff Joy Hoy wants your vote in his June 24th Primary Election.  His opponent is James Van Beek.

Hoy wants to run on his record – and the ECT folks are happy to accurately report on his record.

FACT:  During the week of May 13th 2013 – 84% of all of Colorado’s Sheriff’s signed on to a lawsuit – filed in Federal Court – to defend everyone’s 2nd Amendment Rights.

Our Sheriff Joe Hoy was M.I.A.  He deliberately did NOT sign on to that Lawsuit.  (Click Here).


This Constitutional FACT – also caught the attention of the one organization in America who exists to defend your 2nd Amendment Rights – the NRA.  Below is the recent Grade that the NRA gave your (2) EC GOP Primary Election candidates.  Just Click On the graphic below to go to that web site.


The ECT folks – went on to ask Candidate James Van Beek (R) and November’s democrat challenger for Sheriff – Daric Harvey – what they would do – about defending your 2nd Amendment Rights as our next Sheriff.  Both Candidates indicated they WOULD HAVE sided with the other 84% of Colorado’s Sheriffs in support of your 2nd Amendment Rights.

Candidate Daric Harvey (D) written response to the ECT – (Click Here)

Candidate James Van Beek (R) written response to the ECT – (Click Here)


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