Current EC Public School District Spending – Undisciplined?

Investigative Reporting by    Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels

Topic:  How does our Eagle County Public School District Spending compare?

Dr. Jason Glass – Current EC School District Superintendent  vs.


Dr. Sandra Smyser – Previous EC School District Superintendent

Recall:  The ECT reported that in August 2013 – our Eagle County School District was experiencing a Budget Surplus.  (Click Here)

Let’s have a look at the reported monthly totals – EC School District spending – during the majority of Dr. Glass’s first year vs. Dr. Smyser’s last year as Superintendent.  Data provided by the EC School District online.  Just Click On the dollar totals to read the online ECSD monthly report.

    Dr. Jason Glass                                  Dr. Sandra Smyser

May 2014               $1,365,709.48                                  May 2013      $1,201,063.82

April 2014              $1,050,022.14                                    April 2013      $936,344.98

March 2014          $1,500,307.43                                    March 2013    $926,278.11

February 2014      $1,064,501.37                          February 2013     $1,225,618.21

January 2014        $1,217,952.36                           January 2013       $1,144,895.57

December 2014    $1,098,759.52                          December 2013      $818,603.05

November 2014    $1,098,905.96                        November 2013   $1,236,234.18

October 2014         $1,065,558.32                            October 2013    $1,148,464.56

September 2014   $1,268,685.75                             September 2013   $726,232.01

August  2014           $916,230.58                                August  2013          $938,515.72


Total    $11,646,632.91                  Total   $10,302,250.21

Growth in District Spending  $1,344,382.70

Dr. Glass has increased spending by  11.5%

The ECT folks have several questions for our EC Public School District:

1 –  Is it Dr. Jason Glass’s intent to “spend through” the (August 2013) Budget Surplus he inherited from his predecessor – Dr. Sandra Smyser?

2 – Is it the intent of our elected School Board – to have Dr. Glass spend through their Budget Surplus – in order to “position” themselves to ask for another Voter Approved Bond or Tax Increase?

Below is from the May 28th 2014 – School Board Meeting Minutes


ECT readers concerned that the ECT (might have taken?) Dr. Glass’s comments “out of context” can (Click Here) to read the entire May 28th ECSD Board Meeting Minutes – PDF page 8 is where you’ll find the above quote.

3 – Have our Students and Children’s Test Scores (since Dr. Glass took over) improved at or near the 11.5% mark?

4 –  Of particular and immediate concern TODAY.  The current President of our elected School Board (Jeanne McQueeney) is campaigning to be your next Eagle County Commissioner.  Her Primary Election (June 24th) opponent is Ms. Pat Hammon.

A reasonable question to the voters is…is Ms. McQueeney the type of (Budget Hawk?) you want to be your next County Commissioner?

5 –  To be fair ECT will point out the fact that the ECSD Budget Surplus did occur on Ms. McQueeney’s “watch” as President.  The ECT would like to ENCOURAGE our elected School Board to keep – Disciplined Spending a priority – and keep a closer eye on Dr. Jason Glass’s Budget and Spending Priorities.

We’re concerned – June 2014.






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