EC Sheriff Candidate – James Van Beek

by  Clayton Moore

James-Van-Beek-Photo-1James Van Beek wants you to vote for him in the upcoming Eagle County Sheriff’s GOP Primary on Tuesday, June 24th 2014.

James Van Beek contacted the ECT folks and requested an in person interview as did Eagle County Commissioner candidate Pat Hammon (Click Here) who is in a June 24th Democrat Primary election race.

Here is s our report to the primary voters about James Van Beek.

James has no problem looking you in the eye when you ask him questions.

James likes to point to his experience in law enforcement both locally and Internationally.  James worked in the Eagle County Sheriff’s office (1989-1999) and during his time worked as a Detective, Field Training Officer, and Patrol Deputy.

Internationally – James worked as a Civilian Police Officer (October, 2000) working for the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.  Kosovo is near, what use to be called Yugoslavia in southern Europe.  James personal mission was a Training Coordinator overseeing the planning and implementation of curriculum for 150 Kosovo Police Officers.  James speaks Dutch, German, some Spanish obviously English…all that helped with his mission of Police Training with United Nations personnel.

James insisted that (when elected) he would improve the Sheriff’s relationship with Deputy officers and run a more Transparent and Accessible Sheriff’s office.  James pointed to his International leadership and training skills honed in Kosovo where different individuals from different cultures (and languages) had to be trained before being released into harms way.

James was quick to point out – that he (like the other 84% of Colorado’s Sheriff’s) would support defending our 2nd Amendment rights – something his Primary Opponent (Joe Hoy) did not do.

James believes that the #1 issue facing Eagle County citizens is Drugs and Drug related Crimes.  That is, Crimes committed to “get drugs” and crimes committed after being under the influence of Drugs and or Alcohol (for example: Domestic Violence).

James has made his home in Eagle County for the last 25 years and lives here with his wife of 22 years (Carrie) and his two sons.

To learn more about James and to contact James – you can visit his Campaign Blog site by (Clicking Here)


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