Fishwrap Follies – Wrong Again, Don

fishwrapThe Fishwrap folks?   Their Montra now?  Un-inform and Miss-inform!

Last week – (what’s left of the Vail Daily Editorial Board?) commented on the topic of the Tuesday, June 24th 2014 – upcoming Democrat and GOP Primary Elections.

Due to the high number of Eagle County (unaffiliated voters) the Fishwrap folks thought it a good idea (the ECT does too) for unaffiliated voters to affiliate with a Party and vote in this months Primary Election.

Then what is the Fishwrap dead wrong about?

Answer:  Just “who” generally votes in the Primary Races.  Recent electoral Eagle County history shows the Fishwrap (as usual) has it wrong…

Fishwrap on the Primary Voters…


Fact:  The largest, recent voter turnout in Eagle County, Colorado was the November 2012 Presidential Election.


So the fact is (pay attention Don) every single Democrat that was on that Eagle County Ballot – WON in Eagle County in November 2012.  Save one.  The lone Republican who won in Eagle County – was a man by the name of “Gallegos”.  Glenn Gallegos (R) won and went on to become our U of Colorado “Regent”.

Fact:  Even the Democrat who ran against Rep. Scott Tipton (R) (won) in Eagle County – that was Sal Pace (D).  Fact is, Tipton won (kept) his U.S. House of Representatives seat (in District 3) due to the number of (center-right) votes in the rest of his Congressional District 3…

How best/accurately to describe the November 2012 election results (read: General Election Voters) in Eagle County, Colorado?  Extremist Liberal?  Left leaning?  Radical Left?  Clueless?  ECT folks still not sure what the most appropriate description is…however for the Fishwrap to even suggest that there is a (majority?) of “moderate voters” in Eagle County – is completely false and miss-leading of the 2012 electoral facts.  Interested voters can (Click Here) to review those 2012 Election Results.  Now you know why the ECT calls him “Editor, Half the Story” – and that’s on one of his good days!




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