Letters to the ECT – Joe Meglen


Joe-Meglen-12JAN2014A seismic event occurred in Virginia Tuesday when grassroots outsider economics Professor Dave Brat (Randolph-Macon College, outside Richmond, VA.) soundly defeated the GOP U.S. House Majority leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia 7th District Republican primary.  Dave Brat is a big supporter of the 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments and opposes illegal immigration.  He ran on a principled platform of free markets and a return to smaller constitutional government.  This is a staggering blow to the GOP and Democrat party establishment, both being separate wings of the Big Government party.  What does this have to do with Routt and Eagle County residents in District 26?  This is not just a victory for the people in Virginia. It is a victory for all of the people in every state that yearn to return to a Constitutional Republic that once again honors the rule of law and protects individual liberty.  This earthshaking win is proof that the lawless, overreaching self serving big government establishment can be defeated.  The people are awakening and there is a glimmer of hope. 

As we approach the November elections it is important that we don’t get bogged down with the “Democrat versus Republican, “Left versus Right paradigm.  It is the Left versus Right distraction that keeps the two political parties that have a monopoly on politics in power.  This is a fight, a war, between leviathan government and the individual liberty guaranteed in the Constitution.  As government grows, freedom dies. Every new law, regulation, ordinance or government “job” created is done so at the direct expense of freedom and opportunity.  We have tried socialized big government solutions developed by an “enlightened” ruling class for over one hundred years.  Only the most naïve fail to see the destruction this has wrought.  The government has bankrupted the country, destroyed what was once the American dream and the freedom of choice that was the fundamental reason our ancestors came to this country.  It is time to change course and do what we can to restore the Republic.  We can start locally by “retiring” our incumbent HD 26 “Representative” who has demonstrated a complete disregard for the constitutional restraints she took an oath to uphold.  We must work, and vote for, without regard to party affiliation, a candidate that is grounded in the fundamental principles that protect individual liberty and the principles upon which the country was founded.  It is preferable that we elect a citizen legislator that comes from the private sector so that they will have a real world understanding of what it takes to survive in that segment of society that pays taxes rather than lives off the taxes. 

For those that stayed home during the last election cycle because you didn’t think your vote counted, look what happened.  It is important to understand that “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” … Plato


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