A Bizarre Political Endorsement?

  by   Clayton Moore

ECT folks had to think about this Political Endorsement for a while before exposing the facts in this June 24th 2014 Eagle County Primary Election.  Therefore in the context of supporting and defending our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights in our U.S Constitution – the ECT has chosen to report and document this.

FACT and Background:  The ECT has reported that our current (incumbent) Sheriff Joe Hoy (R) – parted company with 84% of Colorado’s elected Sheriff’s and DID NOT support the Lawsuit these Colorado Sheriff’s supported – in defense of your 2nd Amendment Rights (Click Here).

Neither did the current (elected) Adams County Sheriff – Douglas N. Darr (D)   You can find Adams County Sheriff – Douglas Darr’s MISSING SIGNATURE and Sheriff Hoy’s MISSING SIGNATURE by (Clicking Here)

Letter below printed in last weeks (16-20Jun2014) Fishwrap


Now for the Bizarre facts about Douglas Darr’s conduct in a Federal District Court (Civil) Lawsuit filed against Darr (Circa 2011).  Darr was found Guilty by that Federal District Jury of violating a Political Rival’s 1st Amendment Rights…(Click Here)  When his Constitutional Rights were found violated (by Sheriff Darr) the Plaintiff in this case was running for Adams County Sheriff – against incumbent Sheriff Darr.

(Click Here) to read the Federal District Court verdict.

(Click Here) to read the original Federal Lawsuit (complaint) by Adam’s County Deputy Sheriff Mark Nicastle (R) – the Plaintiff in this lawsuit against Sheriff Darr (D).

As a result of this Jury Verdict – Colorado’s Ethics Watch – called for the immediate resignation of Adams County Sheriff Darr.

To Date:  The ECT folks don’t know why our Sheriff Joe Hoy would (seek out?) the Political Endorsement of another Sheriff found guilty of violating another individuals Constitutional Rights.  Fact is, when a Sheriff is sworn into office – he/she swears to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. 

More Bizarre:  Today (June 2014)  Douglas Darr still serves as the Adams County Sheriff.  In spite of Darr’s sworn oath of office to defend and support our U.S. Constitution – Darr continues to serve after being found Guilty of violating the 1st and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution – notwithstanding his refusal to support the (May 2013) Colorado Lawsuit – defending your 2nd Amendment rights.

Q.)  Is the Denver Post reporting any of these documented facts – to inform the voters of Adam’s County?  Yes, this is rather Bizarre, Sheriff Hoy.



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